Hunspell hyphenation for InDesign CC 2015 on a PC

18.07.2016adobe, productivity 7 Comments

Since I started to make Icelandic Hunspell installers for InDesign I have had some questions from PC users about an Hunspell installer for PC computers. I am mainly a mac person. A friend of mine, Snorri Guðjónsson, who works at a big newspaper, told me that he had made a script to install Icelandic Hunspell on PC computers. … Read More

Hunspell hyphenation for InCopy CC 2015

18.07.2016adobe, productivity

Hunspell is a free software and widely used in various applications you might be using every day. This option makes it possible to add hyphenation for about 90 languages that are not in the standard installation of InDesign, including Icelandic. Many InDesign users have trouble installing what it takes to activate Hunspell for their language. … Read More

Illustrator Keyboard Shortcuts for Foreign Languages

30.03.2011adobe, productivity

One good thing to remember is that this Set file can be found on the mac in ~/User/Preferences/Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings/En_US (The En_US may be different for countries). … (If you are using CS3 or older you will get a yellow triangle saying that this already in use by Apply Last Filter command.