Since I started to make Icelandic Hunspell installers for InDesign I have had some questions from PC users about an Hunspell installer for PC computers. I am mainly a mac person. A friend of mine, Snorri Guðjónsson, who works at a big newspaper, told me that he had made a script to install Icelandic Hunspell on PC computers. With his kind permission I am offering this script here. This script does the same for the PC version of InDesign as my installers do for InDesign and InCopy on a mac. This installer has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10.

It is important, as with all Hunspell installs, to know that changes in InDesign versions may in some way or another manner beak the path where files are supposed to go. Some other changes have also resulted in the need for a new installer.

Here are some very simple instructions for the PC script:

  • This script only works for InDesign CC 2015 on a PC.
  • Download the zipped files: PC Installing script for Hunspell Icelandic hyphenation, Indesign CC 2015
  • It is important that the directory OrdaskPC is located on the Desktop. In PC language it is: c:\OrdaskPC
  • In the folder/directory OrdaskPC you will find the script as OrdaskPC.cmd
  • Select it and run the script as an Administrator. See the image:



  • Yes. I hope they are working on it.

    On the other hand, I have been making mac Hunspell installers for two other „small“ languages, Galician and Gaelic. Both installers currently demand that the System is set up in English.
    Mail me if you are interested in trying it out.

  • Ég hef ekki komist í að búa til innsetningarforrit fyrir 2007 ennþá. Í millitíðinni er hægt að breyta einfaldlega nafninu á InDesign möppunni úr 2017 í 2015, setja inn Hunspell og breyta svo nafninu til baka.
    Þessi lýsing á fyrst og fremst við appletölvur en virkar kannski fyrir pc líka. Hef ekki komist í að skoða það.

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