Hunspell hyphenation for InDesign CC 2019

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Hunspell hyphenation for InDesign CC 2019 is ready for your download and install. I will post the same for InCopy soon. I hope everyone is happy with this. Installer for Hunspell Icelandic hyphenation, InDesign CC 2019

Instructions (Read Me) for the Icelandic Hunspell installer

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I realised that one might miss the install instuctions that I put inside. So here is kind of a Read Me text in Icelandic. Hafðu slökkt á InDesign á meðan íslensku Hunspell-gögnunum er hlaðið inn. Ef tölvan neitar að setja þetta inn og þá þarf að fara í System Preferences > Security > Privacy til […]

Guinevere font

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Guinevere font

The story behind the font is that I had in 2001 only a pc laptop at home and bought FontLab 2 (I think it was) and was playing with the idea of making a font out of modules only. … He added glyphs to make it a Pro font, and all the technical stuff that is needed to make a professional font and on top of that used his experience to tweak a little here and there to make everything look better.

Love relationship between Illustrator and FontLab broken with CS5

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In the article Using Illustrator to draw fonts for importing into FontLab , which I wrote several years ago, I describe how nice it is to use Illustrator and FontLab together. … The only workaround I can think of so far is to make little box (let’s say 10×10 pt) within the glyph slot along with the glyph, position it on the 0.0 point corner and copy it over to Illustrator along with the glyph.

Customize QuickLook for fonts

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Not only to see if it’s the font I am looking for, but also to see if the six glyphs specific for the Icelandic language, are in the font (which is a common problem) or, if they are, to see if they are drawn in a proper way and usable. quicklookfontscustom The problem however is that QuickLook does not have a character table for Icelandic, but the English one is used, leaving out those glyphs I am after. … The character sets are are kept in a file called SampleSupport.plist which is found at: /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/CoreText.framework/Versions/A Copy this path and in Finder go: Command + Shift + G and paste the path into the field and you will instantly brought to the right place.

6 links to help you get into grid based design

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I got a request from a designer who wants to get started with grid based design, or at least wants to know what it is all about. The question was like this: Can you recommend a good primer on grids? Seems to me all material I find on it is way beyond what I’d call […]

What type are you?

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Amazing at same time and some interesting points about the type and you as a type. … My type is Corbusier Stencil , a bit of a surprise, but then again why not if the results are Rational, Assertive, Traditional, Disiplined?

The Tech of Font Management on Mac OsX

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If you desire to read a long article (meaning many words) filled with knowledge (lots of words you may not have known before) about how to manage fonts on the mac. … This article could and should also be updated too in the light of the latest changes in Snow Leopard font handling, but it is still a great read.

The Grid Calculator

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It means you can leave Grid Calculator and paste the information into the document you are working on and don’t have to go back and forth to copy one field at the time. … So, if you are ready to jump on the grid bandwagon, read my articles about grid making in Illustrator and use the Grid Calculator to speed up the process.

Wallpaper : Font Anatomy

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The ones that seemed to fit the best like Times for instance I didn’t want to use and some I wanted to use didn’t have all the major part names. … Finally: Be my guest and download this Anatomy of Type in the form of a wallpaper or desktop picture which you can keep and use on your computer.