I got a request from a designer who wants to get started with grid based design, or at least wants to know what it is all about. The question was like this: Can you recommend a good primer on grids? Seems to me all material I find on it is way beyond what I’d call basic.

The question was asked on Twitter, so my answers were limited to the 140 character boundaries. Therefore I split the answers into six sections like this:

Grid design 01. Let’s start with this nice explanation on baselines, the key element (a PDF): http://bit.ly/c2jlBc

Grid design 02. When you have selected your main leading you should adjust it to the page using : EasyGridCalculator

Grid design 03. This EasyGridCalculator helps you make a grid and columns based on your leading/baseline.

Grid design 04. When finished calculating you can think of everything in document grid units and the fun starts.

Grid design 05. Links to what I have written about making grids in Illustrator: Grid Systems InDesign comes soon.

Grid design 06. Good source with links about designing inside grids: Designing With Grid-Based Approach

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