I should have mentioned this before but I made a font called Guinevere which is sold on MyFonts.com .

The name of the font comes from the Knights of the Round Table. Guinevere was King Arthurs wife and Queen. The first sketches were of a font which was ultra thin and somehow that name came to mind.

The story behind the font is that I had in 2001 only a pc laptop at home and bought FontLab 2 (I think it was) and was playing with the idea of making a font out of modules only. Technology to do this at the time was limited and cumbersome to handle, but the same idea has been executed in the fantastic font Chartwell where bits and pieces are joined together with the help of OpenType features.

As the work progressed, very slowly I must say, I realized that it would be really hard to make a font that had these features and would also be esthetically nice. Another overwhelming task was to make the font in ten widths and some extra versions.

After ten years I finally gave up trying to find be some continuous time to work on this. Huge pile of files, both Illustrator and FontLab (now on a mac) just laid there and I was obviously not going to be a typographer as such.

By a coincidence I showed Patrick Griffin at Canada Type what I had been doing and he immediately wanted to do something more about this. So I gave him all the necessary work files to find out what could be done. Then one day he contacted me and told me that the font had be published! Cool. What he did was much. He added glyphs to make it a Pro font, added some alternative glyphs from my sketches and added all the technical stuff that is needed to make a professional font and on top of that used his experience to tweak a little here and there to make everything look better. Thanks Patrick!

I must mention something about Canada Type. Their font licenses are one of the most friendly ones concerning how and where you can use their fonts. A problem often when one wants to use a font for print and ePub too or a website. Check it out .

So, please take a look at the samples on MyFonts.com