I have been contacted by a few individuals since the shipping of the InDesign CC 2019, who are having problem with the Hunspell hyphenation install for their language. I had not thought of it myself, but one had solved this problem by installing the Icelandic Hunspell set that is available here on my site. Of course it replaces the broken part that hasn’t been fixed yet by Adobe. A brilliant solution!

Unfortunately I can not make installers for every language. It takes time and I don’t have too much of that luxury goods. However, I have managed to make installers for three languages: Icelandic, Latin and Galician. And one more, which installs a cure for those who can not get their manual installation to work, one that installs only a replacement for the broken part.

First there is the stand-alone cure if you have manually installed Hunspell. Don’t use this if you have an installer for the whole setup.
Installer for Cure for Bugin Hunspell in InDesign CC 2016-2919

Hunspell installer for Latin
Installer for Hunspell Latin la_VA hyphenation, InDesign CC 2019

Hunspell for Galician
Installer for Hunspell Galician hyphenation, InDesign CC 2019


  • Hello, Sigurður!

    Just a few lines to let you know that we are creating a basque spelling-hyphenation install based on your ‘cure’. We are a small group of hyperlocal media in basque and we were going crazy trying to update our previous Hunspell mod for Adobe CC (https://tokikom.eus/xuxen).

    We’ll include some credit and a link to this blog on our installer once we publish it. Thanks a lot for your work, and greetings from the Basque Country!

  • Hi.
    I hope you have some luck with this. Did you find eu-ES hypenation file for your language? I really would like to know where it is available.

    Let me know about the progress and results. If you have the hyphen file I would be able to make a script for either CS6 or CC.

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