A woman and a buddy in the business sent me an email few days ago, telling me that Hunspell was working on her InDesign CC 2018. She sent me a copy of the area of InDesign of importance and I started digging. It turns out that there is a file in InDesign 2017 and 2018 which is broken, but in version 2015 it was in order and that explains the problem we have had.

I have been beta-testing InDesign 2018 for the last months and the programmers at Adobe have not been able to nail this matter down. I have reported this broken file now.

I made a new installer for InDesign CC 2018 and it will run Hunspell on all the latest versions of the Mac OsX, High Sierra and what ever. I have in the past made installers for some “obscure” languages which in fact are spoken by more people than live in Iceland. Gealic, Galacian and Latin. Maybe more. Now I know how to update it to the latest versions of InDesing and Mac system.

Send me an email if you need Hunspell for InCopy CC 2018.


Installer for Hunspell Icelandic hyphenation, InDesign CC 2018


  • The official instructions from Adobe are here: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/add_cs_dictionaries.html,

    I realised that the instructrions are not for everyone and that is why I build this installer. The instuctions for the installer are in the installer and I would recommend that people read it.

    Here are the most vital steps:

    Hafðu slökkt á InDesign á meðan íslensku Hunspell-gögnunum er hlaðið inn.

    Ef tölvan neitar að setja þetta inn og þá þarf að fara í
    System Preferences > Security & Privacy til þess að leyfa innsetningu.

    Ef þú þarft að breyta stillingum ættir þú að breyta þeim til baka eftir innsetningu.
    Eftir innsetningu er InDesign forritið ræst.
    Ekkert skjal á að vera opið.
    Farðu í: InDesign > Preferences > Dictionaries og stilltu á Icelandic.
    Veldu Hunspell sem orðskipti (Hyphenation) og stafsetningu (Spelling) og lagaðu í leiðinni gæsalappir fyrir íslensku í „“.

  • Bonjour
    Après avoir la mise à jour vers Indesign CC2018, j’ai eu en effet la satisfaction de voir que hunspell fonctionnait à nouveau.
    Mais voilà, la joie fut de courte durée. Hunspell a cessé subitement de fonctionner.
    Je suis sur macOS High Sierra.

    Qu’est-ce qu’on peut faire ?

    Hunspell m’est indispensable pour les textes que j’édite en latin…


    After having the update to Indesign CC2018, I had indeed the satisfaction to see that hunspell was working again.
    But now, the joy was short-lived. Hunspell suddenly stopped working.
    I am on macOS High Sierra.

    What can we do ?

    Hunspell me is essential for the texts I publish Latin …

  • Hello can I get for PC I work on Danish book and I need it badly 🙂

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