Wallpaper : Font Anatomy

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The ones that seemed to fit the best like Times for instance I didn’t want to use and some I wanted to use didn’t have all the major part names. … Finally: Be my guest and download this Anatomy of Type in the form of a wallpaper or desktop picture which you can keep and use on your computer.

Improper kerning

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alignleft A clever idea, keming , a new typographic term meaning that kerning has gone bad. … Buttons, t-shirts and more can be bought with this pun at Cafepress.com .

Grid Systems – Making grids in Illustrator 2

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As I mentioned before, if we are going to have the same width of margins on both left and right we have to use a number of Document Grid units that the number of columns divides into, minus one.

…The only thing we needed to do if we wanted to have the f-line all over the page (might be useful in some other grid you make later) we select this line, go to Obejct > Transform > Move and put -4.477 pt in the vertical field and we are done.

Grid Systems – Making grids in Illustrator

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It only allows you to set it for even sided squares, while InDesign lets you set different measurements for horizontal and vertical lines. iddocumentgrid On the other hand Adobe Illustrator which is a one-page program (although CS4 has multiple artboards) has some other tools that are just as great in its own way, tools that can really speed up the making of the grids. … Do the same with the horizontal guides using 210 mm for the width and turn them also into guides. makeguides When you make your next grid, after this tutorial you might consider if it suits you better to keep the lines in their green color and not to make them into Illustrator guides, but at least you should move them into their own Layer.

More Type Addic­tion Feed­ing with RSS

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:::Missing picture ::: For the Love of Type Website RSS Feed Australian blog about type related matters. grafikcache Grafikcache Website RSS Feed Irish blog about design of all sorts – and typography. inspirationbits inspirationbit Website RSS Feed Occasional type articles, mostly web related. myfontsblog Myfonts blog Website RSS Feed Myfonts is finally blogging again and it’s nice. I wished all the foundries would blog, not only send news by email. notesontype Notes on Type Website RSS Feed Not very active but still something to read if you visit the site. okgreat Ok great Website RSS Feed Blog about design and found things.

Follow me!

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Since I posted the first articles in English almost half the visitors here have been from other countries than Iceland. … As I feel the need to write more articles in English, following me on Twitter will let you know when a new article has been posted.

The Circle – a simple ToDo System to Get more Things Done

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One of the tricks here is that working within a context group you might be able to do more than one thing at the same time if they fall under the same context. … When you browse through those blog you soon see that a vast number of people are religiously working through the piles of tasks and project according to the rules of GTD.

A Quick Look at your fonts

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Apple’s site, apple.com has a page where new features of Mac OsX 10.5, Leopard are explained. I’ve just started to gaze through this stuff. 300+ new or changed features is more than enough to justify the upgrade. It is, by the way, much cheaper to upgrade from Tiger to Leopard than lets say from Windows […]

Real World Font Management with FontExplorer X

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Font Management applications are the best help one can have to get control over the fonts on the mac, both the fonts you actually want to work with and the fonts the System needs to run. Few applications are available to do this task, FontAgent Pro, Suitcase Fusion and Linotype FontExplorer X. Each of them […]

The Making of Thorn, thorn, Eth, eth

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However there are many cases where the characters are not drawn right or even that the font designer may have chosen to make the characters in a style that is unacceptable for use. … Be careful because I and P don’t always have the same ascender thickness like in this example. þ thorn The most common way to make a thorn is to add the ascender of a b to a p .