Diode lamp shows darkness and daylight

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201002242010.jpg This is a concept for a diode light unit which I sent in for a competition held by The Illuminating Engineering Society of Iceland and Orkuveita Reykjavíkur (The Municipal Energy Grid). … You can choose between settings like showing only one day, where it also serves as a calendar, all the year at once, solstice, equinox or a clock and few other visual settings like running fast through every day of the year.

What type are you?

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Amazing at same time and some interesting points about the type and you as a type. … My type is Corbusier Stencil , a bit of a surprise, but then again why not if the results are Rational, Assertive, Traditional, Disiplined?

Simple way to control your email – your own way

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That way I won’t loose track of the mail I really need or want to do something more with. SmartMailbox Another great thing about Smart Mailboxes is that although its findings comes from various places in my mail it is not aliases. … Every once in a while I look at those boxes and send it to the trash to free up some mails from the Inbox. mailfoldersruslinfo Another similar idea for some of the Smart Mailboxes is to keep separate track of all the mails that I get related to social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

How to make a circle color spectrum in Illustrator

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You could also do all this by clicking with the mouse on the center of the guide lines to get a dialog box to fill in the measurements but I thought it would be worth it to show you both methods. spectrum09    Select the grid and make it to guides with Command + 5 or go the long way via the View menu down to Guides and to Make Guides in the sub menu. … The first division is there. spectrum13 Then click approximately into the center of the top edge. spectrum14 And after that add two vertical dividers on each half so we have six sections in total horizontally. spectrum15 Using the Direct Selection Tool, (the white arrow) select all the anchor points, except those who align with the circle.

Starting off with RGB workflow

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An easy way to keep a watch on the profiles in the picture is to use this field in Photoshop to show the Document Profile . documentprofile If no or wrong ICC profile is attached to a picture you can correct that in two ways in Photoshop: Go to Edit > Assign Profile… and choose the right one. … The RGB workflow allows CMYK pictures to be used to, but in that case you have to color manage those pictures and use the appropriate CMYK profile to color correct the pictures according to the paper which is going to be used for the printing.

RGB verkflæði – gamall draumur að rætast.

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Þægilegt er að sjá hvaða prófíll er viðhengdur á opnum myndum í Photoshop með því að hafa stillt í vinstra horninu niðri þannig að Photoshop sýni prófílinn. documentprofile Preview forritið sem fylgir öllum mökkum er líka gott að nota ef skoða þarf hvaða prófíll er á tiltekinni psd eða jpg mynd eða myndum. … Nota psd eða jpg myndir því þá þarf ekki að hugsa um Flatten Transparency lengur Keyrum pdf beint út úr Illustrator með Save as… eða Save a Copy as… veljum Adobe PDF sem skjalsnið Hættum að vista Illustrator eps skjöl og setja þau í Distiller.

16 Prepress Tips for Graphic Designers

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guestblog I recently wrote my first guest-blog, called Prepress Tips for Graphic Designers on David Airey’s blog . … But at least there is fun involved and at blogs that size (16.000 readers) there are more comments to deal with and lively discussions.

The Tech of Font Management on Mac OsX

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If you desire to read a long article (meaning many words) filled with knowledge (lots of words you may not have known before) about how to manage fonts on the mac. … This article could and should also be updated too in the light of the latest changes in Snow Leopard font handling, but it is still a great read.

Selfportraits in Illustrator

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I showed this to the students but gave them absolute freedom to use what they had learned in this short time. … All the portraits look very much like the author, even the cubic one 😀 So here you go, an exhibition: self6 self11 self18self8 self23 self22 self16self7 self2 self3 self4 self22 self10self19 self5 self13 self17 self9 self15

Close your fonts to fix Illustrator freeze, crash and sluggishness

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That means what even if you delete font sets (a set of aliases/links to the fonts) the correct fonts will open in Illustrator when it calls for it even if you closed all your fonts to start with. … I hope this persuades you to let go and close all your fonts when Illustrator is really acting up because this is fast, no risk and you don’t have to be a tech geek to do this.