I recently wrote my first guest-blog, called Prepress Tips for Graphic Designers on David Airey’s blog. If you are a graphic designer you should go over there and have a look. A printable mini-poster of the article is available too from a link in the comments.

I am preparing another guest-blog for another famous site. I will let you know soon as it’s plublished.

So, why write a guest-blog? I don’t really know. I was asked and said yes. Maybe, possibly it will make more visitors come over to and it surely has already. But at least there is fun involved and at blogs that size (16.000 readers) there are more comments to deal with and lively discussions.

David Airey’s blog is one not to be missed, nor his other blog LogoDesignLove about logo design.Thanks David! New Release

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  • It was a pleasure having you as a guest author, Sigurdur. Thanks very much for the post, and for the comments afterward, too.

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