One of the best way to speed up your work in any application is to use keyboard shortcuts. Many only use a handful of shortcuts but instead use the mouse to go into the menus for the commands. Some even use the mouse to do their cuts and pastes. This is a huge waste of time.

Several years ago applications only included a sparse selection of shortcuts and you had to use programs like QuicKeys to add more. In contrast applications today, like those from Adobe, have so many shortcuts that there are hardly any easy to remember buttons left on the keyboard to add more. The Adobe applications give you the ability to add your own if there might be some menu item you have to access often that does not have a shortcut. This is where shortcuts cheat sheet becomes handy.

So I made a Keyboard Shortcuts list for Illustrator CC (2014) in PDF format for your enjoyment to help you boost your productivity. It has highlighted commands to point out where a new shortcut is needed badly and also different highlight for some shortcuts I think everyone should know if they don’t already.
On top of that I include link below to a .key file with the additional shortcuts which you can place on your computer and start using it without even restarting Illustrator. You will find full direction in the pdf.

The other part of the story is that they keyboard shortcuts in the Adobe applications are for the use of the English language keyboards. Some buttons like the brackets, curly brackets and semi-colon used for important commands don’t work if they are not the first option on the keyboard in a different language. This is the case with Icelandic where, as an example I need to click Alt + 9 to get a ] bracket. This makes Cmd + ] impossible to use for Bring Forward. So I made a different .key file for Icelandic and a different cheat sheet also for download. I mark these files with EN for English and IS for Icelandic.

I hope these files will be useful to someone.

EN Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet for Illustrator CC 2014
EN Keyboard Shortcuts .key file for Illustrator CC 2014 – ready to use

IS Hnappaskipanir fyrir Illustrator CC 2014
IS Hnappaskipana .key skjal fyrir Illustrator CC 2014 – tilbúið til notkunar