Hunspell hyphenation for InDesign CC 2017 if you are using Sierra 10.12

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The MacOS 10.12, called Sierra was shipped in November 2016. It seems to be the reason the Hunspell hyphenation in InDesign breaks.
I have described this problem to an engineer in the InDesign team at Adobe and I am hoping they will find a solution to this. Most likely they will have to have Apple help them with that. In the meantime you might be forced to either buy a comercial hyphenation plug-in for InDesign or downgrade to system 10.11, called El Capitan.

If you want to downgrade but are not sure how to, make sure you have a backup of your computer and try these links: this one of-r this one and here is another one °

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  1. Arnar

    Takk fyrir þetta Siggi, ætlaði einmitt að setja inn á Sierru 10.12, þannig að ég spara mér þau spor.


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